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Lash After Care

Hacks, Tips & Tricks

Once you have discovered the power of false lashes, there is no going back! Here at Naked Eyes we not only sell the most fabulous lashes, but we also show you how to look after them and apply! 

1. Be Gentle

Faux mink/mink Lashes should be handled gently. Pinch them by the band when picking them up, avoiding the actual fibres/fur as much as possible. Do not pull or tug when applying or removing it. If you are finding it hard to remove your lashes without tugging or pulling, then use water to gently rub on the eyelash band, to loosen the glue.

2. Clean Occasionally 

Dried glue tends to build up on the band of the eyelashes, to remove this, gently use your fingertips to pull the dried glue off. Make sure to repeat this every 2/3 wears.

3. NO Soaking

Washing or soaking your eyelashes in water or makeup remover, or any type of alcohol can damage your lashes. This is not recommended.

4. Mascara 

If applying over real mink lashes, please be careful. Do not apply the mascara directly onto the lashes. If applying over faux mink fibres use a damp cotton swab to remove the mascara after use. Or instead, apply the mascara directly to your own lashes, let them dry then apply your lashes on top.

5. Storage is a MUST

Store your lashes in their original packaging to keep them safe, clean and protected from any dust or bacteria. This is also helpful to keep their shape after every wear.

Make sure to check out our “How to apply lashes” page.